​Why Tesserae Partners?

Tesserae:- The plural of "tessera", a name given to a piece used in a mosaic.

Originally tesserae were the cubes of stone used in ancient classical mosaics, but now the term is used for pieces of any kind of mosaic material, whether they are ceramic, stone, pebbles, glass or some other substance.

Tesserae Partners are sourcing and recruitment experts, specializing in locating those significant individual pieces that bring the whole complex picture together.

Contingent Search

Contingent Search

The advent of AI and other digital technologies continues to dramatically disrupt all traditional businesses, with Recruitment firms and Search practices being no exception. Tesserae Partners leverages these new technologies to combine and integrate digital vision, industry experience to the talent attraction process. We provide best in class recruitment delivery that move our clients ahead of their competitors.

We believe that the advent of low cost and workable AI and Machine Learning has fundamentally altered the recruitment business model. Recruitment firms no longer own nor do they hold the key to candidate access. Social media platforms and specialist forums hold the profiles and the candidate engagement, and how those candidates are accessed and utilised is what is paramount.

Tesserae Partners uses a documented and sytematic approach to candidate identification and approach. We share our candidate engagement percentages and demonstrate interest generated from target candidates.

By combining an AI Subscription and a Contingent service from Tesserae Partners, our clients are moving their talent attraction capabilities forward by years. Comparing our service to that of our competitors - Its like comparing an email to a letter. Just take a test case.....

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Using the Proprietary AI tool to source, means that we can seek, connect and interact with candidates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We follow an AI recommended workflow to ensure that our candidate response rates and experience is unrivaled.
We provide a full data map of every person that we have interacted with during a contigent search. We can demonstrate candidates' interest in the opportunity with tangible, real time data. No other Contingent service provider can provide this depth of feedback