​Why Tesserae Partners?

Tesserae:- The plural of "tessera", a name given to a piece used in a mosaic.

Originally tesserae were the cubes of stone used in ancient classical mosaics, but now the term is used for pieces of any kind of mosaic material, whether they are ceramic, stone, pebbles, glass or some other substance.

Tesserae Partners are sourcing and recruitment experts, specializing in locating those significant individual pieces that bring the whole complex picture together.

Executive Search

Executive Search

Tesserae Partners use an AI driven automation tool to dramatically reduce the sourcing timeline. Using state of the art Algorithms and in depth mining of social media, we can identify and approach candidates faster and with vastly improved responses rates over traditional retained Search providers.

Tesserae Partners delivers the highest quality results, gained through automation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week rather than human manual searching during office hours. We provide full data transparency within 4 working days of project initiation, meaning that our clients can target competitors and geographical locations in a coherent and demonstrated timeline. Tesserae Partners continuously explore new techniques to optimize talent attraction and gain candidate reponses to approaches.

​​Our AI technology dramatically reduces the time required to source, process and shortlist candidates without compromising on the accuracy of results. This allows us, working alongside your recruiting team, to focus on building human connections; The one thing that AI will never replace. Reach out today for a test case.

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