​Why Tesserae Partners?

Tesserae:- The plural of "tessera", a name given to a piece used in a mosaic.

Originally tesserae were the cubes of stone used in ancient classical mosaics, but now the term is used for pieces of any kind of mosaic material, whether they are ceramic, stone, pebbles, glass or some other substance.

Tesserae Partners are sourcing and recruitment experts, specializing in locating those significant individual pieces that bring the whole complex picture together.

Subscription Services

Subscription Services

Tesserae Partners offers paid subscription service recruitment that gives access to our technology to source and find suitable candidates that meet your requirements, irrespective of how the CV is found. We can search internal databases, external databases as well as social media and specialist, international platforms.

One Price per annum, irrespective of total number of hires

We understand that many companies prefer to keep their Talent Acquisition function in-house. For these employers, we can double or triple productivity by automating time intensive processes. This is beneficial for companies that have project-based hiring, or expansion to a new territory where you are not set-up to deliver, or that you need access to highly specialist candidates that you don’t have internally.

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An AI Subscription from Tesserae Partners is a 24/7 candidate sourcing tool, It is 100% undetectable and approaches only the candidates that match the algorithm of your requirement. Just take a test case and see.....

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